SOI Integrated Circuit

The objective is to make the link between the technology and the demonstrators. Its main purpose is to develop components based on semiconductor technologies, integrating circuit IP’s in order to produce chips which will be integrated into the demonstrators. This project targets different demonstrators due to the wide spectrum covered by beyond 5G communication technologies as well as mm-wave sensing elements sharing similar IP. We will consolidate the re-usable IP block development (either hardware or soft building blocks) according to functionality in order to maximize the impact.

Tasks are listed below:


NB-IoT / Cat-M Tranceivers (IMS)

Near Field Millimetric Wave Tranceiver (ST)

Automotive connectivity FEM (Leti)

5G Digital Beamforming SOC (Ericsson)

Automotive Radar MMIC (Arbe Robotics)

Car interior Radar MMIC (Silicon Radar)