NB-IOT Asset Tracking

This demonstrator is for building a small IoT node with a reasonable data processing capabilities and the capacity to wirelessly connect to a gateway through a Sub-Ghz WSN or directly to the cloud, through NB-IoT or CAT-M standards. The demonstrator board will include the following elements:

For the final version of that board, SEQUANS will provide the modem, ST the MCU (and optionally a Secure Element) and IMS the RF Front End and switch as designed in WP3. The initial version will source off the shelf components for RF circuits and switch to allow a first integration of the overall board by TRAXENS and will be used as reference for performances comparison. With this board, ST and TRAXENS integrate the full demonstration with circuit, firmware and middleware to monitor device states and performances from TRAXENS cloud platform and Web portal TRAXENS-HUB.