5G Low Power Digital Beamforming BS

Implementation of a mm-Wave based MU-MIMO system for commercial airplane cabins. The goal is to derive and showcase a highly integrated antenna array system (AAS), utilizing the full potential of digital beam forming. Besides the antenna array, the demonstrator will develop an RFIC and implement an FPGA based digital baseband. Combined, these subsystems create a hardware platform where designed MU-MIMO and MAC layer algorithms can be evaluated.

The goal is to validate the concept in a full-scale aircraft cabin mockup (Airbus A330/A340) where constraints related to the interior and fuselage must be accounted for.

The demonstrator will showcase a mm-Wave MIMO radio solution at 39GHz targeting small dense spaces, e.g. public transportation. The selected use case is airplane cabin connectivity, and a full-scale Airbus 330 mock-up is planned to be used for the final verification.
The demonstrator structure consists of three sub-systems where partners will contribute with specific design efforts. The sub-systems will jointly form the final demonstrator. Each sub-system will be evaluated standalone during the development phase, based on requirements that are derived jointly from a system perspective.