Automotive MIMO Radar with Embedded AI

Continental will lead the realization of an ITAR-free development and manufacturing chain for 76-81 GHz radar sensors for all levels of automated driving. The proposed demonstrator contributes to the safety for the European Citizen (vehicle drivers, pedestrians, bicycle and bike riders) and will support the European Commission to reach its Traffic Road Safety goals 2020+, “A Europe that Protects.” It will allow car manufacturers to reach the safety goals of Europe´s New Car Assessment program (EuNCAP) from 2022 and onwards, where a wide sensor field-of-view (FoV) is required to prevent accidents at road crossings and allow for automated lane-change manoeuvres.

The system consists of five sub-systems developed in WP3 where partners will contribute with specific design efforts as shown in figure below. Each sub-system will be evaluated standalone during the development phase, based on requirements that are derived jointly from a system perspective.
The demonstrator will be evaluated in a car to showcase a mm-Wave MIMO radar solution in the European 76-81 GHz band with 360° view. The targeted usecase will be localization mapping, 360° view Parking, and 360° pedestrian and bicycle protection.