Car Interior Radar for Advanced life-signs detection with Machine Learning

The system consists of an  analog radar frontend implementing antennas in innovative mass-volume packaging solution; assembled to a board (PCB) with additional functionality realizing the demonstrator sensor system. The radar signal processing instance will be used to process the data stream of (optionally multiple of those) sensor PCB(s) in order to provide sensor data results to backend systems. Each subsystem will be evaluated stand-alone during the development phase based on requirements that are derived jointly from the system specification.
The demonstrator will showcase a mm-wave radar solution operating beyond 100GHz installed in a real vehicle environment. The use case will address vital-sign detection (heartbeat, respiration) of the driver, vital-sign detection of other passengers to support baby-left-alarm functionality, detection of out-of-position situations and detection of possible obstacles.
A real passenger vehicle (or optionally truck) cabin will be equipped with the in-cabin radar system and will be presented at press events, conferences and trade shows to European automotive OEMs
The mobile in-cabin radar demonstrator is planned to be available at the end of the project.